A downloadable game for Windows

This is a humorous sidescrolling beat'em'up adventure where you play as 'Gabraham Lincoln'. This is a prototype we have created to show off all the mechanics we will be using.

We still have quite a bit more to add, but its a good start. The level should hopefully be laid out so that it will guide you along.

I would reaaally recommend you **play this with a xbox controller.** You can use keyboard too if you wish, how ever its not fully functional as of yet.

Press Start to see the controls in game.

Or look here:

Xbox Controller Layout:

Xbox Controller Layout when holding Left Trigger

Xbox Controller Layout when holding Right Trigger

Keyboard and Mouse set up (dodge doesnt work atm)


[NPC Talking]

[Lantern Hint]

[Tonight the dead walk]

[Fighting Gameplay]

[Knocking a Zombie around]

[Using the Shovel]

[More frying pan'ing ]

[Even more frying pan'ing]

Install instructions

Unzip and double click on Build 0.6

Made in Unity.


GabeBuild.zip 91 MB


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Cool stuff. Neat art style.